7 January 2012


I've been a Dunelm Mill fan since we moved to Derbyshire in 1990 from the West Midlands.  I remember being taken to one of their first stores in Coalville, which was really just a factory warehouse full of seconds, ends of ranges and surplus stock from big name department stores and manufacturers.  It was a bit of a free for all and things were difficult to find among the huge piles of curtains and bedding - but that was what made it fun (for me anyway!)  It was great for quality goods at bargain prices and those little extras you didn't come across in the 'normal' shops. I can remember I fitted my entire house with super quality, chain store ready made curtains for something like £40!  There has never been anywhere more convenient for buying towels in almost any colour you could wish for.

So, when the new superstore opened just down the road a few weeks' back I thought we should go and take a look.  I have to say I was hugely disappointed.  Sadly, it is now just like any other 'superstore' in town.  Yes it has a bigger range of 'stuff', but absolutely everything is identical to the stuff you can buy everywhere else these days, and which arrives from China on container ships the size of the Isle of Wight. 

One definite improvement is the addition of a cafe, which allows shoppers to pause for a while and refresh themselves.  We took full advantage.

In the end, even a determined shopper like Emily couldn't find anything she wanted for her 'bottom drawer'.

When we arrived home, John was busy with the Kango, breaking up concrete from the base of the old shed.  In a few weeks' time I hope the area will be transformed into a nice growing patch for my veggies.  He unearthed a whole huddle of toads which he quickly moved to somewhere safer before continuing. No photo of those unfortunately!Just look at the miserable, grey day it is! 

So Em and I scuttled back indoors and decided to start on the 'wedding prep' by deciding on the invitations and making lots of lists.  The fun starts here!

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