21 January 2012


Emily and I have begun to view Saturday mornings as an opportunity to get together for some 'quality time' and, of course, coffee and cake.  Last week we decided to go over to Denby Pottery and see if there was anything interesting in the sale.  Now I love Denby; the stuff they make and the actual Pottery itself.  Em had never been before, so she really enjoyed having a look round.  There were lots of bargains in the sale, we didn't buy much though.

I bought one of these because it's such a lovely colour and cast iron is great to cook in.
Emily loved this dinner set; we'll probably be going again before too long!

I've decided to start making some cushion covers for my living room, mainly because the rabbit has chewed the ones I have in there at the moment.  I made a start this week.

This is the fabric I chose, I love the neutral shades with a little red to give it some warmth.  The colours are a little 'quieter' than those I would normally choose.

Strips all cut ready for the first blocks.  I thought log cabin would be a good pattern to start with, so I tried a few different colourways...

 ...and finally decided on this one for the first cushion

I do love the log cabin pattern, it's so easy and looks great when you put it all together!

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    Lovely fabrics and yes I love Log Cabin too...good choice for a cushion. Can't wait to see them finished. Keep them out of reach of rabbits though! ;)


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