24 May 2011


Well let's see what's been happening since my last post here...

We've had a new addition to the family - meet Ruby the Jack Russell.

with, of course, my lovely daughter...

John's been back to Crete to do some roof repairs which will hopefully cure the leaky bedroom.

He's also done some dry stone walling - love the hat!  But such a shame it's so cold!

He also found a little time to put his feet up in the sunshine.

Unfortunately, it was the worst April Crete has had for years so there wasn't much sunshine...  except for the one week when I joined him!

I've also helped to organise and take part in a charity craft fair at our church and sold lots of my bags, which was a real boost to my confidence, having sold almost nothing at the last fair I did.  I've also sold two bags on Folksy to a now 'regular' customer, who loves my bags - thanks Margaret!

In the next week or so I'm planning to start a new quilt, do a bit of crochet, if I can get hold of some oddments of yarn, make a few more bags and some zipped pouches.  Watch this space for updates and photos!


  1. Hi Jenny,
    You never guess what. We had some rain today. yesterday was beautiful and today it was cloudy with showers of rain. It's nearly June and we are still getting rain. The weather has been a lot better though. Ruby seems to have Em where she wants her. Glad things went well for your charity craft fair. Catch you soon.

  2. Yes, it has warmed up a tad now...but the rain was a shock yesterday.
    Congrats on the sales, well done, you deserve it!!
    Looking forward to the tutorial on flower making.
    Ruby looks just my size!!!
    Take care


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