8 February 2011


Halfway through making these blocks I began to wish I hadn't started it.  I'd never attempted such a large quilt with such small star blocks in it.  It was sooo time consuming and very fiddly to get everything lined up properly and sewn together.  It's been a very good test of my patience I'll tell you!  Well the top is all sewn together and now just waiting for me to decide what to use for borders.  I started this with the intention of making it double bed size but chickened out and made a single instead.

For now, I've had enought of star blocks; I really can't wait to do something a little more straightforward instead!

We've had a run of not so good happenings financially in the family lately.  First Em's car broke down on the way to Devon for a few days holiday - as it turns out, the engine had blown up and she has to have a new engine!  Then I reversed into someone getting off my drive, broke the back light in my car and lost two years' no claims into the bargain.  To top it all off, John's van broke down and needed a new starter motor.  All in the space of two weeks - horrendous!!  Just as we are having to replace the roof on our house too - the scaffolding is all up ready for that to happen this week.  Poor old bank account is going to be very much depleted I fear...

On the plus side my job is going well, though I'm still hoping it will become permanent.  I've had one or two interviews but without success so far.  I'm sure something will come along soon, meanwhile we're economising just in case...


  1. It sounds to me like you've had your run of bad luck and now you're due for some good luck.
    That quilt is amazing.

  2. That quilt looks fabulous. So colourful. Sorry to hear about all your bad luck. It can only get better so look on the bright side.

  3. Your stars are gorgeous! Congrats on a beautiful quilt. Here's hoping brighter days are ahead for you and your family.


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