6 August 2010


I doubled the size of my scrappy hexagon quilt.  The evenings were very quiet and it was an ideal opportunity to get on with some hand sewing.

Enjoyed a morning's bag-making with the ladies.  That's Chris  cutting out and Jude is the one ironing.  Don't they look like they are seriously concentrating?  It was a HOT day!

Who is that mystery woman with the dodgy knees modelling Jude's bag?

Chris looks delighted with hers!

We passed this little chap on the way out one morning.  He was comfortable in the spider plant pot!

Emily and I enjoyed the sunshine and the chance to get together.

Steve showing off his suntan....

I had a few great nights out with the 'gang'.  This was on my birthday, outside my favourite kafenion in Limnes. You can see Judith in this photo, she is at the head of the table. On her right is Geoff, Judes's hubby, then my daughter Emily, Jeff (Chris's hubby), me, Chis and Jude.

A mad dog got me on the way home one evening

This was crawling up my sun lounger one afternoon.

This chap kept me company some evenings.

I stained the beams in the living room.  Can you see the great bookshelves John made and the broom cupboard on the right which he put together with scrap timber he found.

This is our grapevine, sadly the grapes are a bit disappointing this year.

Had a go at dry stone walling - doesn't look too clever does it?

Unfortunately my journey home was a complete disaster.  I arrived at the airport and couldn't see my flight back to East Midlands Airport on the board.  I had to phone the UK from my mobile to find out what was happening and was told it had been cancelled two weeks previously.  I was sent to the Viking Airlines check in for Manchester where there was a lad in the same situation.  We had to wait until 30 minutes before the flight was due to leave before we knew whether we had a seat or not.  Thankfully, we finally managed to get on the plane and were met the other end by a taxi which was to take us back to East Midlands.  So my journey actually took two hours longer than it should have done.  Thankfully the taxi driver was very kind and actually dropped me off at my front door, bless him!

The next big trip......FESTIVAL OF QUILTS AT THE NEC - Yippee!!!!


  1. certainly a busy holiday...too bad about the flight snafu but you have many good memories.

  2. Hello! Im your newest follower (i always spend ages trting to work out who the new one is on my blog so thought I'd introduce myself. I found your blog as I also completed the flower garden pillow found on the dont look now blog. I chickened out on stippling the background as my trial efforts were rubbish! instead I (painfully) straight line quilted ugh- wont be doing that again. Anyway, just wanted to say hello- its nice to follow another blog from someone in the u.k xx p.splease let us know how the festival of quilts gos, its a bit far for me to travel but id love to hear the gossip!

  3. Woohoo, a great vacation. Glad you had fun and made it home safely. Winona

  4. It's a nice place where you had your vacation. We don't have the concept of summer vacation in S'pore but most folks go on overseas holidays in June or December during the school holidays. I like the pic of the mad dog. It looked so cute!

  5. Glad you enjoyed your holiday,enjoy the NEC

  6. Sorry to hear about the flight. Why didn't they contact you? I was so looking forward to having a day out with you and the bag tutorial and it never happened. Maybe next time. You did get a lot of hexagons done didn't you. Keep up the good work.

  7. I remember those hexs..haven't started yet...I'm crocheting hexs at the moment...
    Look forward to seeing you again next year.


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