22 August 2010


One of my 'to do' projects for the future is to make a really colourful scrappy quilt - the sort that makes you want to reach for the sunglasses!  Well, before I went fabric shopping on Friday, I took a closer look at my stash to see what I might need for my next quilt and realised that most of what I already have is green and, not only that, it's mostly medium shades. So I deliberately stayed away from medium greens and medium prints at the Fabric Guild and added a few light and neutral shades which would blend in with what I have already.  I do see some khaki and medium red print lurking at one end though... and quite a few of these tiny prints have some green in them...

These music prints caught my eye too and I had to have some plain white and black to go with them...

I do love the Fabric Guild - some of these fabrics only cost £2 and £3 per yard and they're American quilting cottons.  If you live within a day out of Leicester I can't recommend it enough for a crafty day out.  Get a party together, it would be well worth it!  You have to become a member on your first visit but, at £5 for life membership, it's well worthwhile.  They also sell online but you really need to go there to find all the bargains.

I still don't seem to have enough of the bright and cheerful colours I need for my big scrap quilt so I've decided on a (slightly green) sampler quilt, which is another of my quilty ambitions.  Meanwhile, the scrap drawer is filling up slowly.

Here are a few more Festival of Quilts photos - there's a lot of green in those too!

Ooops I didn't crop this one, sorry :-)  Click on the photos and you'll get a much better view of them. 

Must go now to cut up some fabric...

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  1. Comparing our two batches of photos I'm sure we must have atended different festivals! LOL Even between us we didn't get them all!


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