9 August 2010


Having been away from home for three weeks there was LOTS to do in the garden when I returned.  John watered everything according to instructions but that's really all he had time for so....

I thinned out the strawberries (well decimated them actually) and planted the leeks out ready for the winter

Pulled up some beetroot - it was yummy!

Pondered over the tomatoes - will they ripen or will I be making green tomato chutney AGAIN?

This chap was eating the slugs - is it a toad or a frog - I can never tell?

Sorry, you'll have to view this sideways...  The runner beans are doing very well!

Sadly the mange tout didn't make it, I think July may be a bad month to take a holiday, garden-wise.  I had a couple of GIANT courgettes to eat - now searching the cookery books for stuffed courgette recipes!

If anyone is going to the NEC on Thursday let me know - I've managed to get booked on a local coach trip and it would be great to meet up!


  1. Who cares if he is a frog or a toad, he'sw eating slugs, that makes him a friend. :-)

    Two of my sisters, mum and I will all be at Birmingham on Thursday.

  2. If it hopped, it's a frog, if it waddled, it's a toad. Looks like a frog to me - shiny skin, long hind legs.

  3. Looks like a frog to me too. Don't forget to check out thermore for me. Hope you have a good day.


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