7 July 2010


If you do applique or English Paper Piecing you've probably needed to use freezer paper at some time or other. Well I don't know how much you pay for it in other countries around the world, but in the UK it can be quite expensive as you only seem to be able to buy it in craft shops.  Did you know that you can use something else that's absolutely free?  You might not know that a lot of printer paper is wrapped in waxed sheets that are very similar to freezer paper.  You can iron it on, just the same, and it peels off again very easily.  If you work in an office, or have a friend or family member who does, raid the bin next to the photocopier like I did yesterday at School...

What better than doing your bit for the environment and getting something useful for free in the process?


  1. I totally agree with u. Freezer paper sold at craft supplies store is outrageously priced. I bought the exact brand and amount from a supermarket and it was cheap! Unfortunately only 1 particular branch of the supermart stocks it so I bought 3 rolls!

  2. I use recycled printed paper for my english paper piecing projects. You're right, freezer paper is hard to find in my country and I'm sure they're expensive.Thanks for your info.Will definitely give the wrapper a try.

  3. This is a brilliant idea! I would never have thought of it.

    What a bummer that is is so expensive there. I have a roll I have been working on for years so it must come bigger here in the US too.

  4. I haven't used freezer paper but I do use recycled paper...ads that come in the mail, those pesky post card inserts from magazines,,,your hexagons look great - getting inspired to finish up my table topper that I started a couple of years ago!

  5. hi Jenny! Have loved catching up with your blog.i have used the printer waxed paper for templates and have had no trouble.Freezer paper is expensive here in Australia as well and generally can only be found in craft stores also cheers teri

  6. 4 my templates for my hexie`s i use old magazines the firmer type paper ones or envelopes after i read post,
    It works for me and its reclycling too

    Take care


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