30 June 2010

Summer Scrap Project

I'm taking part in Em's Scrap Happy Challenge and have decided to finish a hexagon project I began LAST summer.

As I work in a school, I am blessed with SIX WEEKS' holiday, so I'm hoping I'll get lots done!

Happy Scrapping!


  1. Jenny, I love the hexagons. Some day I am going to make something with some of these. (grin) Winona

  2. I love hexagons! What's it going to be?

  3. Hi Jenny if you scroll around my blog you will see full bed size hex,. quilts--cottonreel

  4. Hi Jenny. I am working a horrible shift 12 till 20.00 So we will only get to see you in the evening. don't know about days off yet. Your hexies look lovely aren't you glad I persuaded you to get them done. See you soon. x

  5. Ooo, these look so pretty together!!


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