20 June 2010


I'm trying to get this post typed in as quickly as possible because my ancient computer keeps switching itself off every few minutes.  At the moment, I can switch it back on again, however, I really don't think that's going to last much longer.  Looks like I'll have to start saving for a newer model - this one's not done badly seeing as I bought it second hand about six years ago!

I thought I'd show you this seat pad I've just finished, this side matches a table runner I made for my hallway - I had a block left over.

Never being one to waste anything, I used some of my scrap drawer to make the other side

and here's a sneak peek at some things I've been working on in front of the incessant and very depressing World Cup that John insists on watching - even though England seem to have no chance!

I love these colours.  Better go now before the computer really starts to annoy me...


  1. Oh dear another one bites the dust. They don't like the heat, that's what does them in. Love the cushion pad, lovely string back.
    As forn the football, they will watch anything. I am not having to put up with it as Ian's working nights.

  2. Jenny, I hope you have saved the stuff you want somewhere other than this dying pc. I store some of my photos at flickr and some at zibbet ning! And loads of stuff go to my gmail draft. But of course I have 2 external hard drives.

  3. Jenny, lovely chair cushion. Sure sorry to hear about your computer. My dh backed up all my photos a month or so ago. I was afraid I would lose the past 5 years of our life in pictures. (grin) I hope you can get a new computer soon. Have a lovely day. Winona

  4. i love the cushion so exciting and zappy as for football boo hoo I hate football too and even more that Englands just a couple of ballet dancers, so I refuse to have football on and sending my partner round to his dads for the dreaded match!

  5. Gorgeous chair pad, far too pretty to hide under your bottom! I really like the reverse side, it's quite zingy!
    Hope the computer holds out.

  6. I love that 4 card pattern , the other side is interesting too . I,m glad you thought I,d made a good job of the dresser--cottonreel


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