17 June 2010

May I interest you...?

...in my new blog From the Yellow House.  I'm having a giveaway to introduce the blog, which will mainly be featuring items I'm hoping to sell in my Folksy shop and at craft fairs.  Please feel free to enter!

I'll be going to the Yellow House in a week or so and spending some quiet time in the sun with my notebook and camera looking for inspiration.  That is, of course, if I can tear myself away from the hexagon patchwork I'm taking with me to work on when I'm not out in the fresh air!

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  1. Bet you're glad you're not there at the moment...everybody is suffering from heat exhaustion....40 degrees is painful, especially when there's no electric...seems to have been a huge power cut today...
    I'll be popping over to new blog soon.


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