29 June 2010

Laptop or Desktop - What Should I Choose?

Finally, I'm going to be forced to replace that old PC.  Now my dilemma is whether to go for one of these

or another desktop.

It'll be a while yet before I can afford it so plenty of time to make up my mind!  I did think the other evening that it would have been great to have a nice laptop to play with while John was watching the world cup...


  1. I have both...desktop kept threatening to crash so hubby bought me a laptop ...just in case...guess what, it's been 6 months...desktop still working albeit slowly. I have to say, I love my laptop...got a mouse with attachment so I am not reliant on the pad on the LT. I use it anywhere I want in the house since we also have wireless internet...DH hates laptops, I love it!!!

  2. I'm a laptop girl all the way! Ours nestle in the corner of the living room, my little haven of sanity!

  3. Are you comfortable with the keypads on the laptop? Plus the monitor can't go as big as a desktop. I would choose laptop if I need it to be portable otherwise I'd stick to desktop. I have a desktop and a notebook.

  4. You'll need both..one for serious blogging and another for sitting in front of the telly while handstitching your fabric flowers and blog hopping!
    On a serious note, for the same price, you'll get a better desktop. :)

  5. Do the laptop. If you have a wireless connection, you can take it with you anywhere in the house, plus, it takes up less space in the quilting zone!

    I have a laptop and a notebook - the notebook is pretty small, but good if you want it to sit on your lap.

    I would make sure to get a big laptop screen, and also make sure you are comfortable with the laptop keyboard, if you haven't used one for long periods of time already.

    I'm sure you will make the best choice for you.


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