27 May 2010


I had a stroll down to our local 'Age Concern' shop last Saturday and found this fabulous double duvet cover and 2 pillowcases for £2.99.  They are perfect to cut up for patchwork or bags as they're 100% cotton from Ikea - couldn't resist them really!

Has anyone had a problem with a Crock Pot going like this?  I've used this Crock Pot no more than 5 times and the glaze is cracked both inside and out.  When I made a chilli in it yesterday, I found evidence of the liquid seeping right through to the outside of the pot (that's the black bits you can see in the photo)!  Unfortunately it was a gift to my daughter almost two years ago, so I don't think I can get a refund or replacement but I was shocked that it would go like this in the first place.  I sent my trusty old 'slow cooker' to our house in Crete so I'll just have to buy a new one I suppose.


  1. I can't wait to look for bargains.....
    Regarding the cro... there must be a serious problem and I would get on to the manufactures regardless of guarantee..
    Take care

  2. Just like to report that actually John Lewis replaced the crock pot even though I have had it nearly two years (though only used 4 - 5 times). What service!

  3. Love the quilt cover bargain you found, enjoy using it,


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