14 May 2010


I've done something horrible to my shoulder (I think it was the over enthusiastic decorating a couple of weeks back) and I've been avoiding the computer as much as possible, owing to the fact that it HURTS to type.  Unfortunately it also hurts to cut out, rotary cut, iron, machine and hand sew, so I'm seriously climbing up the walls wanting to do something creative.  Hopefully the painkillers the doc gave me today and a visit to the chiropractor tomorrow should begin to sort out the problem, if not I'll SCREAM!!!

I have been fiddling around with starting a shop on "folksy" and have also listed a few items on ebay, just to see if anyone is interested in the stuff I've made.  It's FUN to see your stuff selling online as well as at craft fairs!  I just need to find out what people want and go ahead and make it! 

John's on the long drive home across Europe now, hopefully he should land in the UK on Monday but he's not been very well so your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated!


  1. Remember me when you're famous!!!
    You can do it!
    Hope shoulder is feeling easier soon.
    I'm sure John will be feeling better the closer he gets to you.x
    Take care

  2. Oh dear, I hope you get your shoulders fixed soon. I've hurt my shoulders before and it's no fun. I've not sold on Folksy and ebay. Hope you do well.

  3. Oh, how awful, Jenny. I hope they can sort it out. It is terrible when you feel creative and you can't do anything!
    All the best with your Folksy and Ebay - I can't imagine you'll have much trouble selling!

  4. sorry to hear about your plight. Hope the tablets work. how is John doing? Thought he might of texted me to say how he was getting on. I bet you will be pleased when he gets back to Derby. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Hope you're feeling better now.
    Congratulations on your Folksy and e-bay!!! Way to go !
    I've a little surprise for you in my blog ;)

  6. Hiya! Following you from the Women Wednesday blog hop! Hope your shoulder feels better soon and I love your blog btw! Lois x

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  8. I feel your pain, I have an infection in my foot and even though I can type, the pain is seriosly distracting. Hope u feel better.
    Thank you for following the CC Blog Hop, we appreciate you support.



  9. Hello found you through women Wednesdays blog hop.
    I do hope your shoulder gets better soon.




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