4 May 2010


Well it was cold but sunny to start with, then it poured down, then there was a hailstorm.  Swarms of people came in to shelter from the weather, use the toilets and warm themselves in front of the fires but not many people came to buy, it seemed.  Having said that, I covered my costs and made just enough to pay for my train ticket to London and my entry to the Quilts Exhibition at the V & A - my next treat later this month.  So it wasn't a complete washout and I had some visitors to help make the day go more pleasantly.  Emily and Steve dropped by, then went and fed the ducks.  Wendy came over and sat stitching with me for most of the day.  I met some really lovely people and booked again for September!

John's travelling buddy Richard was back from Crete on Sunday, having been delayed for an extra ten days due to the volcanic ash fiasco.  We're looking forward to seeing some of the 200 photos he took so we can check out whether they actually did any work!  John doesn't set out for home until May 11th so he still has a week left in the sun. 


  1. Is that what they came over to do? WORK.
    NO, they did do work but not when we were there cos we sat drinking tea. It's looking good anyway.

  2. Is that Emily in the photo?
    Geoff said they had done some work...I've not had time to visit yet..I finish on the 10th....
    Jenny..when does the exhibition finish? I go to the UK the first week of June now..will I get there in time??
    Please say it will still be on!!

  3. Yes that's Emily and Steve feeding the ducks.

  4. Hi ,it,s cottonreel , I used to love doing the craft fairs , I use to do the big ones at Sandringham and Windsor , never made a fortune but it was still o,k . I shall be looking for worn and washed at Malvern . I do like the look of her stuff each year I go,

  5. Great to find your blog too! I must do one of your tutorials sometime.


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