17 March 2010


I've been keeping busy just lately, partly because we've recently lost our beloved old dog Ben and the house is soooo quiet without him.  He was 16 years old and had a great life, but it's still sad when you lose a family pet.  Even the cat misses him, and that's saying something!

So I'm sharing some of the things I've managed to finish...

Some VERY scrappy cushion covers, destined for our little house in Crete

A cot quilt for my stall at the Craft fair, nice and bright!

Two very similar but not quite the same tote bags...

...and a messenger bag, nice and big with quilting detail. 
All of these were made with heavy cotton designer fabrics

and I finally decided what to do with the card trick blocks - two table runners.


  1. Once again, I'm so sorry about Ben.
    You clever thing, can't wait to see the cushion covers...everything looks lovely.
    ake care
    ps. I've nearly finished my mega stint of double shifts..

  2. Hi Jenny,
    We are so sorry to hear about Ben. 16 yrs is a good age. Still it's so sad when they go.

    You have been busy, they are all lovely.
    It's our sewing get together tomorrow at my house. Speak soon
    Love Judith. x

  3. So sorry about Ben. I too have a dog..a shih tzu.And he's a real companion.I'm sure Ben was a joy to have.
    Ps..been enjoying reading your blog.

  4. Hi Jenny, It,s cottonreel, If I get to the fabric guild this Friday I,ll look out for a cheater panel for you . My treat

  5. Hi, Jenny, it,s me again cottonreel, I just went back to reading your blog , My dear husband was a greek cypriot. Email me,----------------ksolomi@btinternet.com

  6. Jenny, so sorry to hear about Ben. I empathize..our little fella was 16 too when he left us..it takes a long time to fill the void. My Skeeter(Sheltie) has helped. Keep sewing, you do lovely work.


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