10 March 2010


This pattern has been designed by Dawn Hay to be sold to aid the people of Baseco who are living in poverty.  I just bought a pattern for myself having been inspired by the project and the bags produced so far, by Jenny of Elefantz and Fiona of Mother's Cupboard.  As I have oodles of scraps to use up at the moment, the measly $4 (£2.70) it actually cost for the pattern was well worth it.  I'll show you the finished bag at a later date!

I'm also very pleased to report that the Juke Box has now been sold, thanks to my blog post being spotted by a friend in Crete, who contacted a friend in Southampton, who came up to Derby and bought it!  Needless to say, both myself and hubby are well pleased to have it out of the way at last and thankful that it has gone to a good home!

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  1. Yes,just read about this bag this morning. It is lovely and for a good cause.

    Pleased that you have found a good home for your juke box. Blogs are wonderful aren't they.


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