11 February 2010


I began making up these card trick blocks and then found I did not have enough of the background fabric to finish enough of them for a quilt. I think I might mix them with another type of block but can't decide what.  Any suggestions?  The other alternative is to make some more of these blocks but in different colours.  I originally set out to make a cot sized quilt and wanted something with just three colours in each block.


  1. Why couldn't you use a fabric with the same value and alternate the blocks? I would think you could find something close? Or put it out there and maybe someone has some of that fabric?
    I really do like your choice of colors, warm and rich looking

  2. 6 x 12 inch blocks - add some 2" sashing, a 4 or 6" border and you already have a cot or baby floor quilt. 34" x 48' is plenty big enough.

    Helen from Hobart

  3. If you have enough of the card trick fabrics, I think you should pick another background fabric and then alternate the original blocks with the new ones. I think the blocks are great.
    Good luck!


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