31 January 2010

Tote Bags and Flowers


Having acquired some really nice 'bargain' linen curtain and upholstery remnants, I've been busy turning them into something more interesting than curtains!  I'm hoping they'll sell at the next craft fair in March, what do you think?


  1. Yes, I'm sure they will sell very well...are you going to give us a tutorial when you come over??? Please!!

  2. They are lovely, I'm sure they will sell. Jude's idea of a tutorial sounds good to me too. We went to a bazzaar yesterday and picked up some good bits for quilting.

  3. Your bags are so lovely! I especially like the red one.
    It's my first visit to your blog - found my way here via Jenny of Elephantz.
    I enjoyed looking at all of the lovely things in your Flickr album.



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