26 January 2010


What have they done to the Blogger photo uploader since I was last here?!  I thought I would share a couple of photos of what I've been doing.  The Ohio Star quilt I'm sure I've posted before but it's finally completed, hand quilted and in use, so here it is.  It's one of my favourite block patterns and I especially like the dullish colours I used in this one.

These two little postcard sized thingies are for an art sale we're having at School to help fund a World Challenge trip to Thailand.  Not being arty, as such, I thought these would be something a bit different and I really had fun designing and putting them together.  The only criteria for the entry was that it must be 6" x 4", so they didn't take too long either!  They're selling all the donated pictures for £10 each so all we need now are a few buyers!  Not too sure about the first one, it looks like it could use a little more of something...

The little flowers are Kanzashi flowers which are folded and either glued or sewn onto a base.  I really love these little things and they're a great use for scrap fabrics as you can make them out of 1" squares and upwards.  I started with 3" squares just to get the technique right, then worked my way downwards!


  1. They look like they are going to be good sellers.. I just saw a link that showed how to do those flowers and it was not easy.. I love the colors in that quilt and they are NOT dull. They are rich and have warmth.. Beautifulllll

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Love the quilt and the two postcards. Those flowers look good. We have had a lot of rain and cold weather here, now looking for the sun. Ha ha.

  3. Hey Jenny,
    I love your quilt. Your "dullish colours" are just brilliant!

  4. The quilt is gorgeous Jenny, and I love your little postcards!!! What fabulous flowers :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  5. aha Postcards... they can become addictive... I love yours .... but imho the first one needs less rather than more.... I would remove three of the flowers..... btw odd numbers of things ie flowers seem to look better than an even number. Good Luck with the Craft Stall.
    sheila born in Northampton but now in Melbourne (Australia) lol


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