30 October 2009

A Little Gift, some New Fabric and a Birthday

The other day I received this little pincushion in the post, which was a huge surprise as I had forgotten all about putting my name down on this giveaway! Thank you Crafty Girls Workshop!
I went to the Fabric Guild today with a friend and we had a great time shopping for some new 'stash'. I'm sewing some small items for our forthcoming Christmas Market at the moment so I needed some Christmas fabric. Couldn't resist also getting some nice bright fabrics for my next quilt though. Here it is all laid out in my fabric drawer just waiting to be used. I didn't buy all this today - this is three trips' worth! I have projects in mind for all of this but it's so reasonable at the FG and it's such a long drive to get there that I always feel I HAVE to buy something to make it worthwhile!

It was Emily's 21st birthday on Tuesday and we went out for a Chinese meal. We go to one of those buffet places where you have all you can eat for a set price - always a good idea I think!


  1. Green eyed monster sitting at laptop at the moment...
    Lovely stash!!
    Love the hair style and colour Emily!!

  2. Thanks for following my blog - hope you enjoy future postings. I've been stitching a fabric keepsake book for one of my grand-daughters this last week so loved to see your fabric stash.


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