6 August 2009


I hate to throw away perfectly good scraps of fabric, even the teeniest pieces. However, it does come to the point when I feel the need to use some of them. This string pieced block, which I quilted on the machine......

... became this little jewellery roll

This is the interior of the roll, it really is quite a simple design if you can put in a zip! I used some leftover velvet for mine but the pattern said cotton. It's much easier if you use cotton. See the little ring roll?

In this piece I used up all my remaining strings of metallic fabrics, embroidering it with some gold thread (wouldn't use that again - it was horrendous to work with!)

looked perfect in this little zipped handbag!So that's the scraps drawer empty.

In response to a request here is a link to the tutorial I used for the Jewellery Roll. They are real fun to make!


  1. What a wonderful use of your scraps. They both turned out beautifully. Any chance of seeing the inside of the jewellery roll to get an idea how to make one? I desparately need one for when we go away.

  2. You are a busy bee!!
    Mind you, I have taken up my hand sewn quilt again..slowly slowly!

  3. This is a wonderful way to use up scraps.

  4. You have been very busy. I love the gold thread on the bag. Very nice touch even though it was hard to work with.


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