19 August 2009

A Thrifty Find, Fabric Flowers and a Fluffy Friend

For all you charity shopaholics out there, I popped into my local 'Help the Aged' yesterday to drop off a box of stuff and couldn't resist this lovely straw bag. It is fully lined in the red and black fabric which has been used for the flowers and the lovely pleated edging, with zip top and lots of pockets inside. All for a very reasonable £2.50!I had a productive evening sewing a few little flower pins for my craft stall and while I was doing that, John was entertaining our daughter's rabbit which is lodging with us at the moment. She is a house rabbit and likes to share the sofa, occasionally hopping onto John's lap for a bit of attention. As you can see, the radio is not too far away as the football was on!


  1. I'm thinking of farming rabbits...

  2. Hi! Just had to drop by and say thanks for visiting my blog! Your daughters rabbit is just gorgeous! I have a rabbit, and he is currently sitting in a play pen in my lounge room. I wouldn't dare let him loose in the house as I'd never find him again, the cheeky boy.
    By the way - love the quilt in your header!


  3. Hi Jenny,
    What a great find, such a super bag. The rabbit looks very comfortable stretched out on the sofa with John. The season is nearly over (hurray) and I will be able to get back to blogging and my crafty things again.

  4. What a gorgeous rabbit, I had to laugh I think its lovely, if we didnt have dogs bred for chasing rabbits I would have a few too.
    Whats the name of bunny? he or she is gorgeous I wonder what bunny things too football ? hee hee

  5. Pretty flowers and I love the rabbit!

  6. I thought i was seeing double with your daughters rabbit it is very simular marking and colour to Savannahs new rabbit, i hope to add a picture of hers as soon as my camera is sorted out, love the bag with the flowers.

    Take care

  7. I had to look twice.. thought, gee, that cat looks like a rabbit! Hee hee!! My daughter would LOVE to have her rabbit in the house.. but hubby thinks they must be outdoors :)

  8. Cute little flowers and a house rabbit. That is the second one that I have read about.


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