29 August 2009


I love a tutorial! I found this one one Jane's blog and decided to have a go yesterday, when the summer weather turned to thunderstorms and hailstones! I used some nine patch blocks cut up and sewn together into DNP's, just because I like these particular colours together and didn't have enough to make much else with them.

A few days ago, I made another bag from this tutorial which is foreign with some English translation but the little bag turned out OK so I must have read it correctly! This one is also made with leftovers. I love the way the setting of the squares make it an unusual shape.

Last Saturday I was at Donington Park Motor Racing Circuit having my birthday present, which was a motor racing lesson! I was scared enough in the Mini Cooper we went round in first off to learn the circuit, but when they left me in the single seater racing car - boy it was scary! We all had a briefing before we started and there were two women and about 35 blokes in our group. The picture shows me in my little car being strapped in

I've asked my hubby to buy me a manicure or a DVD next year!


  1. I think I'd go for the DVD too! It will certainly be a memorable gift.
    Your bags look great, thanks for the links.

  2. Hey Jenny
    I love your patchwork bags. So pretty. Do you want to put your first bag in my hall of fame at flickr? http://www.flickr.com/groups/projectsbyjane/
    If you don't have an account I can do it for u and I'll put your name and blog link?

  3. Great bags. If you get another lesson you can always pass it my way, would love to do that at Donington.

  4. Gosh you were brave in that racing car, did you enjoy it? hee hee next year ask for a spending spree at the fabric guild or a quilting holiday hee hee. It made me laugh and poor you,never mind you will have to get your own back on your hubby. The bags are gorgeous, what a great idea for using up scraps. Im not so good at instructions for bags but one day I will get there.

  5. Wow, Jenny wot a birthday gift. Did you enjoy it?
    Your two bags look great. I like the shape of the last one also.

  6. Happy birthday, I like your bags ,I especially like the 2nd one. Thanks for joining me------------cottonreel

  7. I wonder if we have ever sat at the tables having coffee,perhaps see you there sometime----cottonreel

  8. Lovely bags, and a lovely blog!! Thanks for visiting Clover Cottage!
    Some lovely patchwork items on here, you have inspired me!

    Sharon xx


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