27 July 2009


I recently bought a job lot of used furniture for our little Spiti in Crete and when I went there on holiday a couple of weeks ago I discovered that this included lots of smaller items and bedlinen etc. On investigating a large pile of what appeared to be old and grubby cotton sheets, I was pleasantly surprised to find a collection of fine cotton and linen items which had been in storage and just needed a good wash. Having hauled them all back to England in my case and washed and ironed them, this is what I finished up with.

The first picture below shows one of two large pieces of fine cotton with a lovely cut away pattern and drawn thread work. They are 1m x 2m in size, but some of the fabric is quite damaged and torn. I need some suggestions as to what I can do with this so please put your thinking caps on because this stuff is crying out to be used! I thought some of the fabric would be good to embroider on or use for quilt backing but surely this would make something on its own...

This is a small table runner in linen

A crochet table cover

Pure linen pillowcases

A fine cotton tablecloth
There were also several small linen tablecloths which I may use for embroidery backing or quilting.
So if anyone can come up with some good ideas for making the best use of this lovely fabric please leave me some comments.


  1. Some of the cut away areas would be pretty layered over another fabric.

  2. I've got just the window to put that in..
    Yes, layered with another fabric. They look lovely!!

  3. Well if you want it Jude, I'll bring it back!

  4. I'd layer this on top of butter muslin so that the cut away areas underneath dont just see the wadding underneath and wow,,,, I would hand quilt this just like Durham quilting with cream variegated thread. It's too lovely to cut up.

  5. What wonderful linen you have brought back home,

    Take care

  6. That layering idea sounds excellent!

  7. What beautiful pieces. Don't be in too much of a hurry to do something with them, you will find they are just right for something at some stage. Layering is certainly a good idea and if any of the damaged pieces are embroidered you could dye them or use them for printing/resist work.

  8. Yes, you do have some treasures on your hands. Lovely.


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