5 July 2009

Holiday preparations and the latest from my garden

This is the latest flower to appear in my garden, it's an Astilbe and I just love the pure white flowers.

I'm off on to Crete on Sunday and unfortunately Hubby can't come with me this time, so I've been getting some stitching ready to take with me for any long, lonely evenings! I've cut out lots of hexagons and I've traced Jenny's Oopsie Daisies pattern, applied the fabric and packed the embroidery silks ready to start.

I didn't have a case for my sunnies, so I made one of those too with some cute Makower Cats fabric!

I might manage one more post before I go, we'll have to see...


  1. Have fun in Crete!!!!! Can't wait to see your photos!

    I love pure white flowers too!

  2. Glad to see you're bringing things for us to look at..
    Look forward to seeing you

  3. I love seeing the hexagons there all ready to be sewn up and the glasses case is lovely, have fun in Crete and enjoy it all!!

  4. Beautiful Astilbe! I have some blooming in my garden also, in pink, white and red. It is a good year for them here. Love the Oopsie Daisies!


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