30 July 2009


I was becoming overwhelmed by just how many small projects I have on the go at the moment and have taken some time to get one or two finished. The sunflower cushion cover is for a friend who absolutely loves sunflowers, the little picture below is my interpretation in fabric of a drawing John did of Houmeriakos, Crete. Anyone recognise the view?

Then at the top are my hexagons, which I spent time sewing whilst on holiday and sharing a coffee or two and a chat with Jude on several lovely afternoons. I also had a nice morning with Chris during which I stitched a few more.


  1. Thats your little house. It was very nice meeting you and I enjoyed our night out together. Like your hexagons, my poor quilt has taken a back seat again, what with working. Don't seem to get much time for crafty kind of things. Roll on the end of the season.

  2. The sunflower cushion is a lovely cheerful gift. Doesn't it make you feel good to get things finished?

  3. It's great to get that sense of achievement, and small finishes provide that very quickly, well, usually they do!

  4. I recognise that pergola and vine!
    Well done for completing your projects..


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