9 June 2009


Many moons ago, when I was single and worked in a hotel, I had a friend who came to work in the hotel as assistant manager and who was from the south of Ireland. He had a smart, brand new BMW motorbike and, on a few occasions, I rode pillion and we had some fun days out.

When my friend decided he was going to return to Ireland, he needed to sell the motor bike so as not to incur any import tax on it. Unfortunately, the first guy who came to look at the bike stole it – my friend had been very trusting and let him go for a test drive on his own.

A few weeks later, my friend and I took the train to London for a day out and as soon as we arrived we decided to go for a Chinese lunch in a restaurant on Oxford Street. Sitting at a table in the window, we noticed a motor cyclist pull up at the traffic lights outside. My friend jumped up and rushed out of the door – it was his bike! He grabbed the keys from the bike and stopped the guy from going any further. It was, unbelievably, the same guy who had stolen the bike from 200 miles or so away!


  1. Wow...that is what you call luck!!!!

  2. Yes - I was that foolish, trusting and very lucky person who left Jenny open mouthed at the table. To this day, I still wonder what the restaurant staff thought. The bike, by the way was stolen in Dublin (to rob a shop & get away), and I got it back four days later in central London. Thank you God!!

  3. I thought I had remembered it all but obviously I missed a few of the finer points of the story! Thanks JD

  4. What a wonderful ending to a sad story. I'm glad JDM got his bike back and I hope the thief got caught.


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