23 June 2009


The summer really has arrived here at last and here are a few more pics of the flowers that are out at the moment in our garden. I have no idea what type of lilies these are but they are very pretty - would make a nice applique I think!

The border is beginning to look a bit wild (the lawn needs cutting too!)

Hamish loves the sunshine.

I was asked to make a bible cover for a friend, she wanted it to be pink and girly. Here is what I came up with, using Jenny's Shabby Roses as an inspiration for the panel on the front. Hope she likes it

And this block is for Emily's Mum in Law, who is Rosie - so what could be more appropriate! I'm going to turn this into a small wall hanging - don't tell her will you? :-)


  1. What beautiful lilies, my favourite flowers but I can't have them around as they are poisonous to cats if they brush past the stamens and then clean their fur. The bible cover is beautiful.

  2. Having looked up all the plants poisonous to cats after Maggi contacted me I now realise I probably have quite a few of them in my garden...

  3. lilies are my favorite flowers!!! those are so beautiful!!

  4. Your garden is gorgeous !So pretty .

  5. Oh.. I really hink shabby flower borders like that are so atractive. You can alsmot see it humming with honey bees. Some day I want my entire front yard to be so.

    Very beautiful stitchery.. I love your border fabric.

    And your cat is a wonderful color. Like smoke.

  6. Wonderful garden photos and Hamish is beautiful. Your Shabby Rose is just lovely.

  7. The photos of your garden are amazing....lovely! Those bible covers are beautiful too!! I like your photos and would love to have you visit my blog at thegoodlifeatmyhouse.blogspot.com


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