8 May 2009


Here is my contribution so far to the Nine Patch Quilt Along made entirely from scraps leftover and cut into strips from earlier projects, and even a couple of shirts and a nightie! I must confess to making up most of these over the space of a couple of days as I simply do not have time to make one every day! Not sure what day we're on but I think I've done enough so far to keep up. I'm really not a fan of scrappy quilts but I think when the whole lot is completed it will look OK. There are quite a few duplicated blocks here but again, when I've made a few more, they should be suitably dispersed. How are yours coming along?

I've also been making a few more bags for the crafting day - this one is my latest and I would welcome some really HONEST comments about it. It started off as a book bag and sort of evolved into a handbag. It has a removable, washable lining with pockets as I thought it could possibly be used as a cosmetics/toiletries bag. Not sure though, whether this colour would be very popular! I did like the plaited velvet handle, made from a large bag of pieces of velvet I found the other day for £3 in a local craft shop. The actual bag is a piece of tapestry fabric from a market stall which sells ends of rolls and stuff.

I also used some more of the velvet to make this little flower, which I beaded and then attached a small pin to the reverse. I love these little flowers! The centre piece had to be quite large because the velvet is so thick, so instead of using a button I just stuffed a circle of velvet with some wadding.


  1. Well I really like the fabric in the bag. But I like bright and colorful accessories!

    I've been seeing a lot of others joining this nine patch meme.. it's fun seeing everyone's different fabrics! That really is one of my favorite blocks. Goes back a long way. :)

  2. Thanks Eileen for your kind comments!


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