22 May 2009


I wanted to share some photos of our little bit of paradise in Crete...

This is a view of the village as you are walking down from the house to the local taverna

This is the view from the front of the house...

...and this is the house! We have called it Spiti Limone, or Yellow House. You can see it from the road several miles away because of the colour it is painted!
There is still much work to be done but a huge amount has been completed since we first bought the house as a renovation project two years ago. Can't wait to be going there in July, even though hubby has given me a long list of jobs to do while I'm there!


  1. Wow the pictures look lovely there, Im glad you got you hubby back all safe and sound despite being a little tired. The little crafts fair you took part in looked interesting too, it's always great to meet other crafters. Thankyou for giving me the phone number for that magical material place in Leicester, fingers crossed Jim will take me on a Sundayx

  2. And a nice little spiti it is too. Love the colour. You have a nice veiw too. See you July.

  3. What a lovely place. And wow.. I would never get tired of looking at those mountians! It will be fun to follow you along as you move in. :-)

  4. How lovely! I'm very jealous!


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