25 May 2009


Oh heck! These Mondays do come around quick!
Well this week's FMM subject is 'how did you meet your significant other?', so here goes! The rules are as before and can be found in Kasey's blog.
I had been divorced, after a disastrous first marriage at age 18, which lasted 14 months, details of which I won't go into. My parents had got used to me NOT being at home, so I got a job in a hotel about 30 miles away, just to get away from the area and my ex. Life was fun-filled, but deep down I was very lonely and really wanted a special 'someone' in my life. Working and living in a hotel allowed me to meet lots of different people, but most of them of course were just passing through, so that special relationship (or, indeed, ANY relationship) never seemed to happen.

A friend of mine at the hotel was in a similar situation and had bought a 'singles' magazine in which were lots of 'lonely hearts' adverts. We giggled a bit over some of these (in those days they were all pretty innocent, not like some we see in the papers today) then decided we would sit down and answer a couple each. Some of the replies I received were, to say the least, weird. There was no way I would have met up with any of these guys, especially the one who sent me a bunch of dead buttercups inside his reply letter! There was one, however, which was slightly more interesting than the others who I decided I would like to meet. The only trouble was, he lived in Birmingham and I lived in Sussex - a three hour drive apart.

We corresponded for a few weeks and spoke on the phone, then arranged that he would come to the hotel for a weekend break and we would see how we got on; unfortunately that didn't happen as he found he needed to work that particular weekend, being self-employed and all that. So on my very next day off I drove up to see him in a borrowed car. He lived on his own in a cute little cottage with a huge Great Dane, which was old and smelly and slightly off-putting, (the Great Dane not the cottage!) however we found we got on really well and had lots to talk about but I really didn't think this person was my ideal partner, so on my return to the hotel I decided not to see him or his Great Dane again!

John had other plans and, a few days after I returned home, he arrived unexpectedly. This happened on several occasions, he would just drive down after work and appear when I was least expecting him! In between visits we would talk on the phone for hours. This was January/February of 1981. By April we knew we wanted to be together and by June we were married! It will be our 28th anniversary next month so I think he must have been Mr Right after all! Thank you John for being so persistent, I'm glad your heart was lonely at the same time as mine! HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE - IT'S A HOLIDAY HERE!


  1. Thank goodness for persistance! This was an awesome story. I love phone calls that go on forever.

  2. awww! what a great story!

  3. What a great way to meet.

  4. Oh what a lovely story. Thank goodness he didn't give up on you.

  5. Great story.....I love long phone calls too. When hubby is out of town on business we can talk for hours....

    Happy FMM!

  6. How great for you that he was not going to give up so easy!

    I love your story and 28 years! Good for you girl!

  7. That was a fun read! I love hearing stories of personal ads leading to marriage - that's how my mother-in-law (who grew up in Essex, BTW) met my father-in-law, who was across the ocean in the US. On a "business" visit to England, he met my MIL and the rest is history - they've been married 40 years.

    Also, persistent men ARE indeed the best - mine was persistent too. :)

    Glad to meet you!

  8. That is a lovely story and it definitely sounds like you found your heart! Also, an early Happy Anniversary!

    Visiting from Kasey's.

  9. Congrats on the 28 years! Great story!

  10. Wonderful, yes, persistant men are the best.
    28 years is a great milestone, congratulations x

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