29 May 2009


I wanted to express thanks to one or two of you bloggers out there!

First of all Julia, a friend from Crete, who introduced me to patchwork and quilting. If she hadn’t persuaded me to take her to the Fabric Guild when she came to stay I would never have bought that first batch of fabric and got started on my first quilt…

Then there are all the lovely people in Blogland whose tutorials, patterns and photographs inspired me and helped me to get going, especially Bonnie at Quiltville, whose instructions were so easy to follow. I didn’t know there were so many crafty people out there until I started searching for a quilt pattern!

And of course those people who make bags – when I ran out of beds to make quilts for and wanted some inspiration for using up the scraps and leftovers – along came the ‘crazy patchwork’ and ‘string piecing’ people, and those who generously posted patterns online for bags and purses!

Also, of course, my family, who patiently waited while I sewed and stitched and generally neglected them, watching me becoming gradually more hooked on the whole quilting thing. Special thanks need to go to my husband, who bought me a new sewing machine using his business Nectar points. Before I started quilting and crafting the only sewing I did was to run up the occasional pair of curtains or a new cushion or two. My sewing machine was my mother’s old 1950s New Home flatbed, quite adequate for curtains but not much else. My only regret is that I didn’t start this hobby years ago!

PS, this is the view from my sewing room the other day when it was sunny on one side of the house and raining on the other!


  1. Yes, I agree, it's wonderful the amount of inspiration that can be found in blogland.
    John is your number one fan, I could tell that when I met him a couple of weeks ago.
    I'm amazed you've only been quilting for such a short period, you've taken to it so wonderfully.
    I really think you should consider giving a bag tutorial when you're here. I'm sure we could scrape together what you need between us.Tell Chris and myself what you need...equipment etc, go on!!!

  2. Isn't blogland a great place for inspiration? I just love the generosity of the people I've found.

  3. Blogland is a great place to learn and get inspiration, I have learnt so much, the quilting and all quilting magic keep me going. FG is a brilliant place I will certainly go again when I get paid next month!!

  4. what a beautiful rainbow :)

  5. Hi Jen. Maybe we should have a curry when you come over? J xx

  6. Thanks for credit for introducing you to quilting. I'm just glad you took to it so much. I'm looking forward to coming over in August, so we can spend some time choosing fabrics and generally having a good time!

  7. I really love trip around the world quilts. Your header and the quilt in this post are just so sweet. For years I had a TATW quilt on my bed and over the years it went to shreds. My mom, freda, made it and I wish it was still in good shape. Sigh. I guess I should just recreate it! When I have time for it I don't know. But yours made me smile when I saw them.


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