18 May 2009


John outside Spiti Limone (not sure why he's wearing his 'Baggies' shirt in that heat!)

John arrived home safely on Friday evening after a month away in Crete working on our little hillside hideaway, AKA Spiti Limone. He was sooooo glad to be home and to have someone to talk to, after a very gruelling journey there and back through Europe in his old Transit van.

The trip was fairly eventful; there were one or two disasters on the way and at the house, which I won't go into, but he was pleased to have done a bit more work on the spiti, and caught up with some friends, including Jude and Geoff, though some more rest time would have been good as he has come back fairly exhausted. He was too tired even to go to the West Bromwich Albion match on Sunday; he watched them lose on Sky TV at Emily's instead - they'll be in the Championship next year.

He did bring me some lovely pressies, including a nice big can of olive oil from our very own trees - thanks to Jude and Geoff's hard work, and this lovely lovely necklace from our friends Vangelis and Maria from Elounda, who make and sell beautiful jewellery. Ironically, the necklace is made from some of the Birmingham pewter which John took over for Vangelis last year! Anyway, I am sooo glad to have my hubby home again!


  1. What a gorgeous necklace.
    You'll be here soon...........

  2. Thanks ladies, yes I am VERY pleased with the necklace!

  3. And I still never got to meet him!


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