11 May 2009


The craft afternoon went really well, we hadn't really advertised or pushed it as we wanted to see how it went and whether we could actually cope before we went all out for it. Lots of ladies came through the doors and by the time we had been open 15 minutes we had various tutorials going on all around the room. There were crochet classes, beading, sewing, fabric crafts, card making and even hula hooping in one corner! It was so much fun that even if no-one had turned up I would still have enjoyed sewing along with a few friends. I even sold a few bags, which was a real bonus! I did have to strip all the beds to have enough items to take along but it was definitely worth it and I think we inspired others to have a go. I'm currently busy designing and making up a few more bags for the next effort.

This is Audrey who makes wonderful beaded jewellery, showing some ladies how it's done.

Jane makes lovely cards and gift boxes

And this is Gail, who crochets bags with plastic carrier bags and sells them to fundraise for Derby City Mission. Gail also teaches hula hooping and, in her spare time, is a primary school teacher!


  1. Sounds great fun, I miss things like that. Maybe you could do a "bag workshop" when you are over here in July? Chris W

  2. It was fun Chris, not sure I can bring enough materials for a bag workshop though!

  3. Hi Jenny,

    For some reason I have not been notified of your last couple of posts. Looks like you had a good day. Just goes to show there are lots of people wanting to take up new crafts.

  4. That looks like a great afternoon.
    Now,Jenny, can you hula hoop? If not can you learn before July? I have the equipment but just can't keep it up!!!


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