24 May 2009


After what must have been the wettest, coldest and most miserable spring on record, yesterday and today we finally have warmth and sunshine! I made the most of yesterday, mowing the lawn and weeding the veggies whilst taking a few snaps of the flowers that are in bloom at the moment (everyone seems to like looking at flower photos!)

Here are a couple of different Aquilegia (or Granny's bonnets I think they're called). These are one of my favourite early summer flowers, they flower gracefully above everything else in the border and then produce hundreds of seedlings which are so pretty and delicate I can't bear to dig them out! Each new seedling is a slightly different flower as they tend to cross-pollinate and never look like the originals.

This is one of my very garish Azaleas which really brightens up a dull corner. I love bright colours.

And this is a geranium Johnson's Blue, which has also spread around the garden nicely, another beautiful colour.

And this is my newly-weeded, slug pelleted (sorry but there are hundreds of the things down there eating all my nice veg) vegetable patch. You can see betroot in the foreground, the leaves of which you can eat in salad, so as I'm thinning them out I'm putting them in the salad bowl. Behind the beetroot is some mange-tout, which the snails have had a go at but hopefully I've saved them in time. Over the back is the strawberry patch - yum!


  1. Hi jenny,
    We had some old self seeded aqueliga in our garden in england, they are nice. the colour of that azalia is quite stunning, you won't miss that. Most of the snails have gone to sleep here for the summer, too hot for them. Its the best place for them.

  2. Such a beautiful garden! We used to have a wonderful garden at our old house. When we moved to the woods I tried flowers and vegetables and the deer and rabbits ate most. I have a small selection that they leave alone.

  3. I love these flowers. The first photo is particularly beautiful!

  4. Beautiful photos of the garden.


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