4 April 2009


Just spent a few days in the big city with some pals from work. We took in a show, did some window shopping and some sightseeing and, apparently, Barak Obama was there too! Seriously didn't think about the G20 Summit before we booked, and by the time we got there it was much too late to do anything about it anyway...

I can highly recommend the champagne bar at St Pancras Station! (That's me in the middle, by the way!)

Had a quick visit to Harrods and found these in the pet department, they are little outfits especially for your doggie; the one June is pointing to is actually an Elvis outfit priced at £100! In these times of 'credit crunch' and economic crisis, it's strange to see that people actually still buy stuff like this. I wonder if Ben would like one....

... possibly not


  1. Definately not, by the look!
    I think it's awful, the amount some silly people pour onto their animals.

  2. I'm sure I commented to this post???
    I was commenting on the amount of money some daft people spend on their pets..
    I'm sure, by the lookon your dogs face, he's not into that sort of thing either.

  3. Hi Jenny,
    Don't think your dog would be too impressed if you tried to dress him in that outfit.
    A while ago you commented about our central heating woodburner, well they don't make them here so we sent to England for ours and had it shipped out. It is working quite well we are pleased with it and its easy to light. Although we had a few teething problems with it.


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