25 April 2009


There is a craft day at church in a couple of weeks' time and I wanted to get some bags and other small things made up ready. It's the first time we've done anything like this and the hope is to encourage people who are interested in handicrafts and perhaps hold a few classes to get them started. I'm delighted to have been asked to take part, being quite new to sewing myself! Anyway, yesterday was a day to have a go at producing a couple of items (when hubby is away, I like to play, never mind the housework and certainly no cooking!) I found a nice piece of old hessian in my scraps drawer and one of John's old shirts which I don't think he ever actually wore, but which is a lovely thick cotton print. Here is the result.

The photo above shows the lining, complete with little pocket already built in!

And I also thought I would share some recent purchases from the Fabric Guild - they had a complete range of Timeless Treasures fabrics which they had bought as bankrupt stock - I think I was quite restrained though!


  1. I will, I will get to the Fabric Guild when I go to uk in Sept!
    Lovely bag.

  2. They say while the cats away the mice will play and thats just what you have been doing. Good for you! The bag is lovely, bet John wants that shirt now. Ha HA too late mate. I have still not met up with John yet, but will try to track him down soon.

  3. Oh I love the bag made from the shirt. How very clever! A built-in pocket. And it turned out fabulous! I hope you get a lot of them made up for the craft fair, and that it will be a huge success.
    Thanks for the visit.. I will be back to see how things are going. :-)


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