20 April 2009


Sorry but I have no photos to post about this journey, but John left home on Wednesday evening last week to begin his marathon drive down from UK to Crete. All day on the Wednesday, the news was full of the French Fishermen blockading Calais and Dunkirk, which was rather worrying to say the least, as John was scheduled to land in Dunkirk. The M20 motorway was being used as a lorry park whilst they were all waiting for the ferries to start running again. Well John and Brian (his colleague) left about an hour earlier to ensure getting to Dover on time and saw no traffic jams, no parked lorries and had absolutely no problems at all! They drove straight onto the docks, straight onto the ferry and were first off the other end, 15 minutes ahead of schedule!

Currently they are waiting for the third and final ferry in Piraeus and hopefully will arrive sometime tomorrow morning!

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  1. Well didn't they do well. Might get to met them soon. Bet you wish you were with them. The weather has been lovely just lately.


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