10 April 2009


Much as I enjoy making the strip-pieced, trip-around-the-world type of quilt, having made four of them I decided to have a go at something different. This pattern was found on http://www.e-PatternsCentral.com (hey, I learned how to insert a link at last!) and made perfect use of a stash of florals I had been collecting. The pattern said to use folded squares laid on top of squares for the triangular pieces, which I thought to be a bit wasteful, so I sewed down the fold of each triangle and then cut off the much smaller triangles which were left over (are you with me so far?) I then used Bonnie Hunter's idea of leaders and enders and thus sewed together all the little triangles at the same time as piecing this quilt. Was amazed at the speed of the result! Don't look too closely - my piecing is far from accurate.

Hamish wanted to help

Now, what shall I do with all these little chaps?


  1. Have you got enough to do this...
    The web site is called Willy Nilly if that didn't work!

  2. I'm sure I wrote a comment yesterday?
    In case you didn't get it, try http://metrosupialdesigns.wordpress.com/2009/03/20value-quilts-tutorial/
    Blog is called Willy Nilly.
    HAve you got enough though??


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