7 April 2009


I wanted to make the blue crocheted bag a little more interesting and thought fabric flowers would be the answer. Having no idea whatsoever where to start, I Googled and came up with this http://kindawonderful.typepad.com/pink_paper_peppermints/2008/05/31-crafty-flo-3.html.

Which resulted in this...

Which Emily wanted as soon as she saw it - goodbye bag, enjoy your new home!


  1. That's lovely, brightens the bag up.You'll have to make another now!
    I'm hoping to try my hand at a bag soon,once I've finished this last project.

  2. Hello Jenny...Thankyou for popping over to my Blog...nice to have you as a follower...hope to keep popping back from time to time to catch up...lovely bag...those flowers are Great aren't they.

  3. Thank you so very much for explaining how to do those flowers! You are very talented, and very inspiring - cheers from other side of the Atlantic!


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