13 April 2009


A belated Happy Easter to all! Yesterday's church service was so uplifting - we had an American guest preacher, David Ring, who was just amazing and has a really inspirational testimony. Victim of cerebral palsy, who 'died' for 18 minutes after he was born, was orphaned at age 11 and told he would never marry, have children or, indeed, live to old age, now age 54 with a beautiful wife and 4 lovely kids. Incredible!

Today is bank holiday Monday and I've been looking at the garden, being the first nice day for ages (the Easter weather has been appalling here in the Midlands). Here are a few of the flowers which are looking good at the moment. The Hellebore above is one of my favourites.

And I love the way this Pulmonaria has both pink and mauve flowers.

It has taken me three days to remember that this is called a Fritillary! Getting old I think.

A lovely pink Hellebore

Anyone recognise this lovely Cretan urn? John came back with it last year from our garden in Houmeriakos - it has survived a very cold and frosty winter. Lots of Rhubarb and some blackcurrants growing in the background.

As I sit here typing the sun is finally coming out! Time to get the washing on the line I think.


  1. Cor, look at the rhubarb!!
    I too love the helebore and fritillary.
    Lovely to hear your urn has survived, looks lovely.
    Very windy today

  2. What a beautiful garden you have. We are still waiting for the greens to show up in our landscape. A few more warm days may just do the trick.

  3. Lovely flowers well seen its spring now. We have got an urn just like that. it was in the house when we bought it.


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