11 March 2009


Here is another picture of a corner of my latest quilt, which I'm in the process of hand quilting at the moment. It's 90 x 90, which is big enough for a double bed. I think will definitely be the last bed sized quilt I make for a long time as they take so long to quilt! Unfortunately it won't be finished in time for John to transport it to Crete, however I will probably be able to use it at home. Any ideas for a design to hand quilt onto the 6" wide border? I'm not very good at borders and need some inspiration!!


  1. Hooray, welcome back!
    Vine has been pruned.
    The quilt looks lovely,well done.After watching Sylvia, I appreciate the amount of work put into that type.
    Borders, hmm, difficult, do you think it needs to be less intricate, not fussy.Large diamond pattern??

  2. Thanks Jude! yes, not fussy sounds good to me - also if I keep it to straight lines I should be able to mark them quite easily. Tried to use a template with a quilting pencil but the markings don't show at all...

  3. Hi Jenny,
    This quilt looks lovely. you can see from the picture that a lot of work has gone into it. I agree with Jude, something simple as not to distract you from the quilt its self.

  4. Thanks Judith and Jude for your kind comments - It makes all the hard work worthwhile when someone likes it!


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