17 March 2009


Tried a bit of crochet recently with some wool I bought from a charity shop for next to nothing. I'm planning on lining the bag on the left with some nice fabric. The 'crazy quilt' bag was leftovers from my latest quilt. I really hate throwing stuff away and try to use every little piece of fabric, until it gets too small to do anything with!


  1. Like the bags. I hate throwing things away too.

  2. wow what wonderful bags and so good to know that there are quilters near to me. i have not yet met any quilting buddies in the uk to share ideas Ive just had my blogs to keep me going and inspire me so Im pleased to find your blog.

  3. Hello Jenny,
    Lovely crocheted bag! And I thought I was doing well with my squares....
    I bought the wool from Aghios Nik. not a great selection, I need more colours really. But it is (so it says) merino wool!
    Long story but there was no chance of doing any ME shopping in London, didn't mind really, had a wonderful time.


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