8 December 2008

Well a good weekend was had by all. We had relatives to stay and I drove a 200 mile round trip on Saturday to take Emily for a photo shoot in Darwen, Lancashire. We were fine going but then on the way back we enountered all the football traffic for Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Manchester United, Stockport... Hopefully the photos (for Emily's modelling portfolio) will be worth it.

Then on Sunday instead of having a relaxing morning in church I drove a 60 mile round trip to Leicester to pick up my Bernina and then on to the Fabric Guild for a nice browse amongst the fabric in the freezing cold. I think I've converted cousin Diana to quilting in the process! I'll post some piccies of my new project soon.


  1. The Fabric Guild, is it as wonderful as I've been told it is??
    They don't have a website do they?

  2. It's fab! Aladdin's cave of fabrics, loads at £2 and £3 a yard and the most expensive being about £7. Also masses of other wonderful crafty type things. Unfortunately they do not have a website. I have to have my fix about 3 times a year.


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