5 December 2008


Have just won this fab little Bernina 830 on ebay!!!! Complete with all accessories and in mint condition, this little beauty is going to help me with my next project. It also means I can send my more lightweight Toyota machine to Crete in April when John goes. It was a teeny bit expensive for a used machine but I have been saving up for a good one and wanted a purely mechanical machine as they are easy to maintain. This model was made in the 1970s and is still very popular. When I called my nearest Bernina dealer they offered me the same model in a completely BRAND NEW condition for £1000 which would have been great if I could have afforded it!

1 comment:

  1. Lucky you!!!!!!!!!!
    Never got into that E Bay thing, makes you think though....
    Go on, tell us, what's your next project.
    On another note, did you hear about Jane's dog, Chrissy, was poisoned and died yesterday. Very sad,


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