24 November 2008

Little Quilted Bags and Stuff

This is what I did with the leftovers from my big quilt - Christmas pressies all sorted!

This was leftovers too, but big enough for a single bed.

And I used up some extra heavy calico and a few scraps of pretty fabric on these


  1. Those cathedral windows are really lovely. Clever you!
    Ben looks huge, is he??

  2. Your "string" bags are my favorite (mostly cuz I like to work with strings). The other bags are great too but most wonderfull are the quilts!
    Hey, we had a Ben that looked a lot like your Ben, he was a giant poodle. Gotta love those big, old "mutts".

  3. olá,visitando seu blog...lindo...adorei às bolsas...te add em meu blog ok!


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