18 August 2014

A New Post!

Well I seem to be going more than a year between posts at the moment, not really very good for keeping the readers entertained!  I've been busy, crafting, working and just living.  Since my last post my hubby has retired and is becoming a house husband!  This means that I can enjoy my evenings and weekends more because I'm not rushing home to cook and clean every evening and trying to fit in mowing the lawn every weekend in the summer.  John is learning to cook, something he has never really done in our 33 years of marriage.  He makes a jolly good job of it too!

I've been sewing a few things:

Doing a bit of crochet:

Had a couple of holidays and even started dressmaking again - but I'll show those photos in another post as the dress I made is for my hubby's 70th birthday party which is happening on Saturday night!

Currently I'm once again looking for a job - I'm going to be redundant at the end of October, however this might be an opportunity to do something a bit different....

Well done to all of you who still follow this blog, hopefully your patience will be rewarded.

1 April 2013

Special Quilt For Special Person!

I finally finished piecing the scrappy quilt I am making for a birthday present. I love the way it has come out. I used Bonnie Hunter's Random Ohio Stars pattern as my inspiration - why do I love Ohio Stars so much? The quilt is pieced from a mix of old shirts and dresses and some specially purchased quilt cotton.

26 January 2013

Finished Cushions

At last I managed to finish 5 of the cushions I started way back last winter. I think they look quite fresh and cheerful on my old sofa and they are lovely and comfy as I put extra large pads in them.

Just need to finish the last two now and I can start on the quilt I'm planning. These are the colours I was thinking of using.

7 January 2013


As soon as my cushions are completed that is...

I started five cushion covers before we had the house fire and have just this weekend been able to get back into my sewing room and take out my machine, which I put away while the work was being done on the house to save it from dust and dirt.  So I have begun to try and get the cushions finished so I can have a fresh new look in the sitting room for the spring. I am hand quilting the panels so they will take a bit longer than if I just machined them, but as it has been months since I even looked at them I am not going to worry. Here is the one I am quilting at the moment. I've used some thick cotton flannel to back the panels rather than wadding, mainly because I had plenty of that to use up.

Anyway I also had a look at some blogs I used to read and found some inspiration for a scrappy quilt I want to make for someone here

I also want to actually start the BOM I've been looking at from Jenny of Elefantz, Promises and Borders which is thankfully still available on her blog and will remain a permanent free download.  Thanks Jenny!

I plan to do a trip to the Fabric Guild as soon as I have time - hopefully for the winter sale which starts around mid January.  It's so good to have plans again!

So happy scrappy 2013 to all!


Some of you will know we had a house fire in June last year which wiped out almost all of our ground floor and destroyed the kitchen completely. We had to remove and replace all of the plaster from the walls and replace the kitchen units. Other rooms were all smoke damaged and had to be re-decorated and carpeted, some needing new windows and doors. I was horrified at the amount of damage a small fire can do.  I was also mortified that I had caused it by my carelessness in leaving a pan of oil on the stove and forgetting about it while I strolled around the garden.  By the time I came back into the house, less than 15 minutes later, the kitchen was on fire and the cooker hood had exploded across the room.

We almost lost our little Jack Russell, who followed me into the smoke filled dining room without my knowledge and then couldn't be found. The firemen finally found her unconscious under the table and brought her out. It took 15 minutes for them to revive her on the front drive by sticking her head in an oxygen mask and massaging her chest. I was so thankful that she survived without any obvious after effects, especially as I would have been responsible if she had died.

We tried to find somewhere else to live while the place was such a mess but there was nothing in our area for rent. We stayed with some good friends for a week and eventually decided to go home and live/sleep in the one room at the back of the house which had escaped the worst of the damage. We spent several weeks sleeping on a futon (hard as rock) until the electrician could get the wiring sorted and we could go back upstairs to our own bedroom.

So all in all we had a pretty busy summer going from this:

To something a little more habitable built by my very talented other half and paid for by the insurance company - thankfully!

And I promise I won't burn it down again...

We finished the decorating just before Christmas and the carpets went down just in time for the holiday.  Just a little more to do and we should be completely finished by spring.  We were very fortunate to have a great painter and decorator move in next door just after the fire happened, which has proved to be a lifesaver as we would never have been able to do it all ourselves.

So now, hopefully, back to normal.

25 November 2012


Many apologies to people who wanted to take part in pay it forward. Unfortunately a fire in our home back in June wiped out our home for several months and I still haven't been able to do any sewing. Hopefully things will be back to normal by Christmas though.

21 January 2012


I don't normally post on my blog twice in one day but I responded to Cath from Bits n Bobs, calling for PIF participants.  This means that some time in the next 12 months she must make and send me a surprise gift. I don't know when I will receive this gift, or what it will be.   Registering with her means that I have to Pay it Forward to three recipients. ( like a chain letter but a lot more fun).

So please, please, please - who wants to receive a handmade gift from me this year?

The first three to comment on this post will receive a hand made gift from me within 12 months from registration. The timing of the gift will be a surprise, as will the gift itself, but I must do this within 12 months.

All you need to do is be one of the first 3 people to comment on this post to be a recipient, but if you nominate then you must put a post on your blog to Pay It Forward. Also remember that I need to get in contact with you so ensure you are not a "no reply" blogger.